What To Wear For Engagement Photos

June 23, 2021
Trying to figure out what to wear for a photoshoot can be pretty stressful… so let’s make it easy! This blog is meant to help you understand, from a photographer’s perspective, what outfits photograph best and why. The goal is simply to give you the expertise and knowledge from my personal experience photographing couples, in order to get the best out of your shoot. However, please remember that the choice is ultimately yours to wear whatever makes your heart happy.

Why does it matter?

Some outfits look great in person but can be very distracting from you in a photo. The primary goal of your engagement photos is to focus on the beauty of who you are and the emotion captured in every photo. YOU should be the sole focus of your shoot, not your outfit. Another important factor to take into consideration when selecting outfits is the location and mood you are going for. These will play an important role in the direction you go with when choosing outfits! Your photos will turn out so much better because they will be intentional and draw attention to YOU. And don’t worry, there are tons of ways to inject your own personalities into your outfits and ultimately your photos.

Now, without further ado, here are my top 4 tips for picking engagement photo outfits:


When choosing colors for your outfits, I suggest picking lighter, neutral tones and more muted shades, they tend to look best and keep the attention on YOU. Think light warm neutrals like camel, taupe, cream, and champagne. Classics like grey and black are also good options if you’re going for an edgier look. Bright, bold, or neon colors and loud/busy patterns, however, can be very distracting and will take the attention away from you. If you like color, I highly suggest sticking to more subdued jewel tones, earth tones, and pastels– think sage or emerald green, ruby, mustard yellow, rust orange, and pastel versions of pink, yellow or blue. If you are going to add color to your outfit, my suggestion would be to choose one item to have a “pop of color” and keep the rest of the outfit more neutral, so it is not overwhelming and becomes distracting in the photos. Copy of Nuetrals.png   Sharon+Shawn-0055.jpg Sharon%2BShawn-0020.jpg Sharon+Shawn-0005 (1).jpg

2. Texture and Movement

Incorporating different textures – for example, light denim, lace, corduroy, silk, knitted fabric –  is another way to add interest to your outfits without being too distracting. Just like I mentioned above, balance is key. Don’t add too many different textures to one outfit or it can look overwhelming. Another super easy and fun way to add life to photos is movement! I’m not talking about your sweet sweet dance moves… although, you’re totally free, and even encouraged, to break those out in the middle of your session! I’m talking about movement via your outfits. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a flowy dress or skirt. Leave the tight, body-hugging dress home for this one and bring out that flowy, dreamy dress and watch your photos come to life. Jade&Jonathan-0059.jpg

3. Coordinating Outfits

As a general rule of thumb when picking out outfits to go with your partner’s, keep in mind that your outfits will look the most cohesive when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate, but don’t actually “match.” This can mean that each partner wears a different dominant color, but both stay within a similar color palette family, bringing the whole look together. Jamie+Cole-0085.jpg

4. Wear something you feel comfortable in.

This is not the time to wear something for the very first time. You want to make sure you’re comfortable and can move around freely in your outfit. So if you have an outfit in mind that you really want to wear but haven’t worn yet, make sure that you try it on and wear it for at least a few minutes. Move around in it and make sure that you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, it will most likely show through in your photos.

On a final note

Please remember that at the end of the day, whatever you end up wearing needs to feel like a reflection of who you are. The outfits you wear won’t matter nearly as much as the fun you have together and the memories you make as a couple. What you wear will definitely help you look great in your photos, but the most important accessory to bring with you is your love and joy, which is the one that makes the biggest difference in your photos anyways. Here are some great places to shop and find your perfect outfit: Lulus Bindleandkeep Rent the runway Showpo Asos Therealreal Sharpsuiting

If you found this helpful you are going to love the Ultimate Guide to Engagement Photo Outfits. It’s packed with even more super helpful information to help you make the best of your engagement photoshoot. Download it here! If you’re planning your big day and need a wedding pro and photography whiz wrapped into one, let’s talk! I offer a variety of services to help you thoughtfully capture your celebration.
xx Estephania