The Importance of an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony ft. Katie+Taylor’s Lake Tahoe Elopement

June 23, 2021

Last year I got the honor to second shoot Katie and Taylor’s Lake Tahoe elopement for Kept Record and it was nothing short of magical! Their intimate wedding took place at a cabin deck, overlooking the snow covered mountains reminiscent of a winter wonderland. While thinking back on their day, one of the things that stood out to me was their beautiful ceremony and how truly present everyone was for every moment. They were surrounded by so much love, the look on their faces really says it all!

Unplugged wedding ceremonies have never been more important than today. With most people owning cell phone cameras these days, it’s understandable that guests want to capture the moments of your wedding for themselves! However, it becomes easy for guests to become distractions to professional photos (and even step right into the camera, blocking an important moment). Besides, it takes them away from being present in the moment with you!

Below are my top 3 reasons why I highly encourage my clients to have an unplugged ceremony:

1.. No distractions – Sometimes we forget how distracting phones and cameras can be, especially during a very special moment. Phone flashes, camera clicks, blocking someone’s view, this can all take away from the experience

2.. Have your wedding guest be fully present – There’s nothing like seeing your loved one as you walk down the aisle. Let the photographer capture the moment while your guests are immersed in the experience with you.

3.. No cell phones or iPads blocking your special moment in your professional photos – Like I said before, your photographer is there for a reason, you hired us to make sure we capture all the special moments during the day, this includes your ceremony! Trust me, we want you to have the most special photographs and would hate to miss a special moment because one or more people stepped in front of the camera with their phone or iPad and blocked it.

So there you go, unplugged ceremonies allow you and your guest to have an exclusive experience. This can be easily accomplished by having your officiant to remind people before at the beginning of the ceremony that this is an unplugged wedding and to please put away phones and electronics. Have your guest sit back, relax and enjoy the day with you and let the photographer do the capturing. Trust me! I do this professionally, and we have the same goal in mind. I want your photos to look as incredible as you do (if not more). I gotchu!!!

And now, here are some of my favorite photos from Katie+Taylor’s Lake Tahoe elopement

PS: If you’re planning your big day and need a wedding pro and photography whiz wrapped into one, let’s talk! I offer a variety of services to help you thoughtfully capture your celebration.

xx Estephania