I Gotchu Boo!

I’m Estephania (Steph for short), professional hype-woman, and capturer-of-love. I help guide couples who are looking to escape the “traditional wedding” and capture the magic of their wedding day through beautiful photographs. Having been a non-traditional bride myself, I can offer so much advice to my couples from both a vendor and a bride perspective!

I was once in your shoes

My hubby and I got engaged, but after almost a year of super stressful wedding planning we decided we were just OVER IT.  We said “screw it” to the big traditional wedding that didn't feel genuine to us and the weight of everyone else’s expectations. We decided to follow our hearts and elope, with just our closest family members present, and created a day that was genuine and truly meaningful to us. BEST DECISION EVER!

Ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to help couples who feel the same way that we did, to provide helpful guidance and tips to plan their dream wedding and then capture it all through photos that truly reflect them, so they can remember that day and tell their story for years to come.

Image from our elopement by Kept Record

Fun Facts About Me

My hubby and I eloped in Joshua Tree National Park

I am a self-proclaimed DIY queen

I’ve moved so many times throughout my life, I went to 12 different schools, so I’m great at meeting new people and dealing with change

I love roller skating and rollerblading

My favorite coffee drinks are cafe de olla and dirty chai

I love lifting weights and spinning

Image from our elopement by Kept Record

Image from our elopement by Kept Record

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams and I’m here to guide you through the entire planning process and help bring your dream to life.

I will:

- Help you plan your entire day from start to finish

- Guide you through all of the finer details, including vendor recommendations, locations, activities, and all the little extras that you might not have thought of.

- Provide you with my elopement guide that is filled with all of my vetted recommendations, the best tips I’ve picked up over the years, inspiration.

...and so much more



Now it’s your turn!

This is your story, I’m just tagging along and documenting it for you! Think of me as your friendly tour guide . I will be there, heart, soul and camera to cry with you, laugh with you, celebrate with you and help you have a damn good time!